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'''Matt Zimmerman''' (also known as '''mdz''') is a Linux distribution developer who has had prominent roles in development of the [[Debian]] and [[Ubuntu]] Linux distributions. He is the CTO of [[Canonical]], the company which founded and is at the centre of Ubuntu development.
== Examples of ally work ==
Matt has made feminist commentary on anti-feminist incidents in the geek community:
* The [[So simple, your mother could do it]] incidents in the Ubuntu community
* [[CouchDB talk]] and other [[Sexualized presentations]] and similar incidents
* [[EMACS virgins joke]]
His [[Ada Lovelace Day]] post highlighted the contributions of his mother, [[Margie D’Valle]].
== External links ==
* [ Matt Zimmerman's blog]
* [ Wikipedia article about Matt]
{{DEFAULTSORT: Zimmerman, Matt}}
{{DEFAULTSORT: Zimmerman, Matt}}

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