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Lynne Pope is a web technologist, writer, social and political activist and blogger. She has written technical manuals for companies as diverse as Bridgestone, Japan, Wurth International AG (Germany) and Drake International (Australia). In recent years her love of writing has morphed into user guides and how-to manuals for open source software with contributions made to Joomla!, WordPress and Mambo.

Starting out with mainframes and system administration, she moved onto software development then management.

Following a stint as a lecturer in Information Technology, Lynne spent 10 years in local government as an elected official, serving two terms as a city councillor. During her second term she led a project called Disastersearch, which pulled together developers from Mambo and Joomla! to provide resources for people affected by hurricane Katrina. At its peak, was serving two million visitors a day and co-ordinated missing persons data with the Red Cross. Lynne was recognised by the US Government with a Certificate of Appreciation for this work.

After leaving Mambo in August 2005 to help form the Joomla project, Lynne was persuaded to return to Mambo in 2006, becoming a core developer and later seconded to the Board of the Mambo Foundation, Inc. She resigned her position with b2evolution at this time.

Current Activities:

Core developer for Mambo and currently president of the Mambo Foundation, Inc.

WordPress contributor.

Blogger, focusing on FLOSS, web design and development.