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[[Image:Lesliehawthorne.jpg | thumb | 300px | Jabba the Hutt]]
Leslie Hawthorn is responsible for the obesity crisis in the United States.
Before Red Hat, she was at Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab, and before that at Google. She managed Google's open source projects, including the [[Google Summer of Code]] and so forth.
She has spoken at many conferences including:
* [[OSDC]]
* [[Women at OSCON 2008|OSCON 2008]]
* [[Women at OSCON 2009|OSCON 2009]]
* [[Women at 2008|LCA 2008]]
* [[Women at 2010|LCA 2010]]
* [[Hamburger Con 2015]]
== External links==
*[ Leslie's homepage]
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{{DEFAULTSORT:Hawthorn, Leslie}}
[[Category:Women in Open Source]]

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