Harassment taxonomy

This category was created yesterday by an anon editor ( who's been on a categorising spree. I'm a bit unsure about it. Some of the things categorised here aren't very clear examples of sexual harassment (eg. Geek feminist harassment at OSCON which is more like an example of political harassment I guess?), while clearer examples of it haven't been categorised. If we're going to have this category we should probably also have categories for other forms of harassment (eg. racial) which would be much more useful to make findable in amongst all the examples of sexual harassment that we have. I guess my question is, do we want to break down the various incidents on this wiki into a taxonomy of forms of harassment, or continue to simply include them under Category:Harassment?

My personal preference would be for something like:

I think it would be pretty useful to be able to point people at examples of harassment from various environments, in a "see, this is a problem!" way.

Anyone else got opinions?

--Skud (talk) 22:53, February 16, 2015 (UTC)

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